OTTO™ Motors, a division of Clearpath™ Inc., designs, manufactures and operates self-driving vehicles to automate material movement inside busy factories and warehouses. Using self-driving technology much like the Google Car, the easy-to-use OTTO vehicles move inventory in a safe and flexible manner throughout the indoor supply chain. Customers include Fortune 100 brands like General Electric, John Deere, and Toyota. For more information, visit

Get to know the humans of OTTO Motors, what they do and why they chose a career at OTTO Motors!

What drew you to OTTO Motors? 

I have had an interest in advanced robotics since high school. I was drawn to OTTO Motors as a way to combine this interest in advanced robotics with my desire to use my engineering skills to create a tangible difference. I was also drawn to OTTO Motors for the people and the company culture.

What differentiates OTTO Motors from other companies?

We have a really incredible group of people. Everyone has so much to bring to the table and each person helps to elevate us all, as a team and as a company. We come together with a common goal but support each other as individuals in our lives and aspirations.

What does your team do?

The Systems Engineering team bridges the gap between a purchase order and an operational deployment. We work closely with partners and clients to realize their goals, assist in deployment design and help them through any challenges along the way.

What does a typical day as a Systems Engineer look like at OTTO Motors?

I don’t think there really is a typical day as a Systems Engineer. My day to day can vary greatly depending on my projects. One day I may be doing system design and meeting with clients to discuss deployment plans, while other days I may be leading a training course or going out onsite to optimize a deployment. 

What’s the most satisfying part of your role?

I really enjoy enabling others to solve the problems that they are facing. This shows up in helping clients address challenges in their deployments, helping my colleagues and working together on continuous improvement projects. 

What do you look forward to when coming to work in the morning?

I look forward to collaborating together with my team on the latest technical challenges. I really enjoy learning new things and helping to improve our tools and processes.

How did you get into Systems Engineering?

I have always enjoyed understanding how systems work. That being said, it was never a specific goal of mine to find a job title with those specific words. I have simply followed my interest in robotics and my ambition to learn as much as I can about each system I work with. 

Did you have any prior experience in Robotics?

I first got interested in robotics as a participant in the high school FIRST Robotics Competition. During that time I got to know some of the students at my local university and got interested in Mechatronic Systems Engineering. I was really drawn to learning more about robots. 

What are the must-have skills or knowledge for this role?

It may sound cliche but I think the most important skills are being able to pick things up quickly and to be flexible and collaborative. There is lots of knowledge that would be useful like programming and industrial automation, but with such state of the art technology, you can never expect to know everything.

What advice do you have for someone interested in applying to OTTO Motors?

As I said, this is cutting edge technology, so you’re not expected to know everything. Take the opportunities you can to learn new skills but don’t sweat every detail. Show your interest in learning, your versatility and your personality. Matching the work culture and team fit to your personality are just as important to finding a fulfilling career.

Who is your favorite robot? And why?

Baymax from Big Hero 6 epitomizes my interest in robotics. I want to develop advanced robots to help people and solve problems. 


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