OTTO Motors' COVID-19 Response

The impact of COVID-19 has put unprecedented stress on supply chains. Despite global uncertainty, manufacturers need to keep the supply chain flowing for essential goods and services, whilst keeping staff safe. Demand for goods are erratic: personal protective equipment has skyrocketed, while the demand for some consumer goods have surged as people rush to stockpile certain items. Now more than ever, manufacturers know they need flexible and resilient processes.

We know OTTO AMRs are a crucial part of our customers’ COVID strategies and we are doing everything possible to provide the products and services needed to keep the supply chain moving. 

We have moved to remote support services where possible for the safety of both our customers and our team. For robot repairs, our field services team is providing remote support via video conferencing.  As always, our support team can securely connect to customer systems to aid in troubleshooting and support.  

Our production facility processes have been adapted to limit person-to-person contact – from alternating, consecutive shifts to increased physical distancing. We continue to manufacture OTTO AMRs at full capacity.  

Beyond our normal operations, OTTO Motors® and our sister company, Clearpath Robotics®, are actively fielding public and private sector inquiries about using OTTO 100 to safeguard against the virus in industries ranging from factories to healthcare to public spaces. We've been thrilled to see near-completed prototypes ready for commercial tests on a few occasions, an unheard of pace of development in the robotics industry made possible by our platform. 

As the pandemic continues to shift markets, we’re committed to helping manufacturers become more resilient today, and for the months and years to come.

To learn more about creating resilient supply chains with OTTO, you can instantly download our Creating More Resilient Supply Chains During COVID-19 handout below.

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