Automate your material handling with OTTO Motors — now available in Europe.

Enterprises in Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, Electrical Manufacturing, and more use OTTO Motors to amplify their workforce.

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OTTO at work

Businesses use OTTO to reduce costs, improve throughput, and eliminate FTE spend on low-value and repetitive work.

Autonomously Transporting Products Between Departments for ITTER

Interfacing with Machines to Facilitate Material Flow

OTTO 1500 – The World’s Most Productive AMR

Automate your most common material delivery routes

There’s an OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robot for all of the common jobs you find on your shop floor. OTTO AMRs have proven to reduce material handling costs by up to 90%.

Automate pushcart delivery routes using OTTO 100.

OTTO 100

The OTTO Mover 100 is small and agile; perfect for human-scale loads up to 150kg (330 lbs).

Download OTTO 100 specs

Automate tugger or pump truck delivery routes using OTTO 750.

OTTO 750

The OTTO Mover 750 is nimble yet strong enough to move loads up to 750kg (1600lbs).

Download OTTO 750 specs

Automate forklift or other heavy equipment delivery routes using OTTO 1500.

OTTO 1500

The OTTO Mover 1500 is durable like a forklift and designed to move loads up to 1900kg (4200lbs).

Download OTTO 1500 specs

Scale, adapt, and adjust your AMR fleet with the OTTO Fleet Manager software

Easily manage a single OTTO or hundreds with OTTO’s enterprise-ready mission control software — OTTO® Fleet Manager.

A service-first approach

OTTO offers comprehensive fleet service plans that help ensure peak performance of your AMR network. OTTO’s in-house experts are paired with a global network of certified partners for complete lifecycle management of your fleet.

OTTO is available in Europe through our network of partners

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