The OTTO Fleet Manager connects multiple self-driving vehicles to your production process for higher levels of efficiency and control.

OTTO Fleet Manager

The OTTO Fleet Manager lays the foundation for Industry 4.0 in your facility.

The OTTO Fleet Manager connects your material flow with your production line and collects data to drive efficiency and productivity. Large or small operation, simple or complex process, OTTO Fleet Manager orchestrates flexible, adaptable, and lean material pickup and delivery.

Material Flow Coordination

The OTTO Fleet Manager is your fleet’s central dispatch and command center. It manages OTTO’s job queue, dispatches work, and worries about material flow so you don’t have to.

Uptime With Little Interruption

If OTTO is charging, it is not working. The OTTO Fleet Manager works to maximize uptime by sending OTTO automatically to the charger at opportune times forbrief, high-powered super charges.

Data-Driven Decisions

OTTO connects processes, collects data, and closes the automation loop with powerful APIs for end-to-end automation and the digitization of your material flow.

Connect and unlock the potential of your whole organization.

When OTTO is in each of your facilities, the OTTO Fleet Manager can aggregate data across all your facilities to monitor, measure, and improve operating performance globally. Access real-time information, improve reliability, and start taking advantage of industry 4.0.