Smart factories begin with smart AMRs.

OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) automate common material handling tasks, big and small, to help manufacturers tackle labor shortages, scale their business, and outperform the competition.

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Automate your most common material delivery routes

There’s an OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robot for all of the common jobs you find on your shop floor. OTTO AMRs have proven to reduce material handling costs by up to 90%.

Automate pushcart delivery routes using OTTO 100.

OTTO 100

Small and agile; perfect for human-scale loads up to 150kg (330 lbs).

Automate tugger or pump truck delivery routes using OTTO 750.

OTTO 750

Nimble yet strong enough to move loads up to 750kg (1600lbs).

Automate forklift or other heavy equipment delivery routes using OTTO 1500.

OTTO 1500

Durable like a forklift and designed to move loads up to 1900kg (4200lbs).

Facility-scale automation for large manufacturers

Connect up to 100 OTTO AMRs into an autonomous delivery network and unlock the full potential of facility-scale automated material handling.

Trusted by industry leaders

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See how much you can save by automating even one delivery route

OTTO AMRs have proven to reduce material handling costs by up to 90% compared to alternatives. Discover what savings OTTO AMRs can deliver for you.