Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Facility with OTTO

Increase your site's productivity without increasing your footprint or your workforce.
Connect your facility with OTTO™ Self-Driving Vehicles.

Self-driving vehicles relieve the burden of material movement so your workforce can focus on higher value activities.

Overcome Labour 


One OTTO can work three shifts, seven days a week.

Recover Wasted

Floor Space

OTTO reduces the time materials are in motion, freeing up floor space.

Standardize Across 

All Facilities

The best processes in 
each facility can be shared with all facilities.

Get Real-Time 

Insights Anywhere

Metrics about OTTO can report on productivity and uncover lean opportunities.

The evolution of material transport.

A Self Driving Vehicle (SDV) utilizes laser-based perception and artificial intelligence to dynamically move through facilities, infrastructure-free. SDVs combine the benefits of manual labor, conveyors, and AGVs to provide the most advanced method of material transport available today.

Flexibility Labor Conveyors Efficiency Safety SDVs Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Manual labor is the most flexible method of material handling available today. It can be challenging to hire and retain workers, but carts and fork trucks are simple and proven.

Conveyors are a highly efficient and productive means of transporting high volumes of goods between manufacturing stations and production lines.

AGVs follow fixed, predefined paths to transport materials from origin to destination. They rely on guidance devices such as magnetic tape, beacons, or bar codes that allow the AGV to travel on fixed paths in a controlled space, making them a safe alternative to traditional material transport.

ottos on grid

Finally, automation that
adapts with your business.

Industrial facilities must constantly adapt to changing global forces to remain competitive. The OTTO Platform is built on the principles of freedom and flexibility to modify your automation as frequently as your floor changes.

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