OTTO Training

Build a team of AMR experts within your workforce

Equip your employees with the skillsets they need to independently operate your AMR deployment through a range of technical courses in OTTO Training.


Be prepared for countless situations

Gain the skills you need to confidently maintain your material flow in the face of any challenge. Receive hands-on training with OTTO AMRs and simulation services. Designed and delivered by systems engineers and service teams, OTTO Training has been curated to reflect real-life customer experiences that drive results.

Unlock personalized learnings for every role

Whether you’re deploying for the first time or scaling out a well-established system, there is an OTTO Training course for you.

Ready to start learning?

Find out how you can incorporate OTTO Training into your AMR implementation.


Build a fully-trained team

Stay on top of the courses they're taking and earn incentives, like discounts on support hours, when they reach certain learning milestones.


Best practices to successfully deploy AMRs in mission-critical operations

This world-class manufacturer of hydraulics drove 70,000 fewer hoist touches per year with OTTO. Tune in to learn how they navigated their autonomous material handling journey.