Emerging tech from MODEX 2016

OTTO Motors

Referred to as “the greatest Supply Chain show on earth,” MODEX 2016 made its mark in Atlanta, Georgia April 4-7th and did not disappoint. With over 800 exhibitors, countless networking opportunities, and daily education sessions by industry experts, themes such as labor shortage, safety and ergonomics, and accuracy became common points of discussion. These growing factors for inflection are being addressed by emerging technologies, many of which were showcased at the event. Here are a few to watch for:

The Pneubotics arm with company CEO. Photo credit: Bloomberg

The Pneubotics arm with company CEO. Photo credit: Bloomberg

The Hero 6 look-alike

Pneubotics has announced a new-age robotic manipulator that meets collaborative standards as outlined by ANSI RIA R15.06. Although early in product development, the arm can lift 30 lbs, therefore making it applicable to the warehousing market, and safely support warehouse personnel with assisted lifting tasks.

The ‘everything’ pallet

The Paxxal pallet

The Paxxal pallet

Paxxal showcased its Siluma® series pallet that is lighter in weight, 100% recyclable, and more cost-effective than other pallets. It is made out of a patented material that is more durable than standard plastic and wood pallets, and – what we think is its true differentiator – it’s solid-filled; therefore, even if load distribution isn’t aligned on the pallet properly, the load will be significantly less likely to slide off and cause injury.

Test your operation in 3D simulation

Here's an example of the Emulate3D simulation

Here's an example of the Emulate3D simulation

While each automated material handling system (AMHS) project is unique, the challenge of commissioning tends to be common across all of them. Emulate3D enables comprehensive testing earlier in the project cycle to reduce or even eliminate risks throughout project implementation. Customers can catch issues before implementation, train operators in real system responses to ensure fewer mistakes, and modify the interface and screen layouts for a better user experience.

Missed the action?

Check out the MODEX expo floor in the timelapse video below to see the crowds, the exhibits, and the OTTO autonomous mobile robots from OTTO Motors.

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