Material handling robots for manufacturing

OTTO Motors

"Material handling robot for manufacturing" is a phrase you may searching to find a way to improve your operation. As a leader in manufacturing, you realize there's always a better way to get the jobs done on the plant floor, which is why you're continuously searching for the right tools and processes that will not only save the company money, but make the company money.

We've listened to the market and taken note of the challenges that are being experienced in today's fast-paced industrial landscape. Do any of these statements relate to the challenges you're experiencing?

  • "How can I optimize manual material movement in my factory? I don't track how many trips my employees are making per hour, but I can see that they are pushing carts a lot. And pushing carts doesn't make the company money."
  • "It takes a long time to train our employees to the level required for our assembly line. So when they reach that level, I want to make sure they are spending time doing the highest value tasks, and not low value tasks like material handling."
  • "We're experiencing problems hiring for manual labor. It's incredibly difficult to hire for the positions in our facility. We just can't seem to find people to fill the roles."
  • "I need something like a flexible AGV, because I switch up the floorplan often to create a more productive line. I can't have a material handling system that is static."
  • "Sometimes there are delivery delays of finished goods and my team receives a flood of packages at the end of the day that need to be invoiced and loaded on the truck. It puts pressure on the team at the end of the day and risks delay on the shipment getting out to the customer."

These are the types of challenges that inspired us to design OTTO, an autonomous mobile robot for material handling. The product line offers two form factors, an OTTO 1500 for heavy-load material handling and an OTTO 100 for light-load material handling. Both are offer flexible, adaptable movement because they don't require static infrastructure to be laid or maintained in the facility, they are built to withstand the riggers of industrial environments and they are safe to operate around people.

Material handling robots for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 represents the next industrial revolution - the physical world becomes a type of information system through sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects and linked through networks. The OTTO autonomous mobile robots play into this evolution by leveraging advancing capabilities like the Internet of Things, Big Data and mobile computing. OTTO uses artificial intelligence and advanced lidar sensors to enable flexible, safe, collaborative material handling. 

Whether you are looking to improve productivity, increase throughput, decrease costs or simply regulate material flow throughout the facility to eliminate bottle-necking, the OTTO autonomous mobile robot is a solution to consider for your facility.

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