OTTO Motors discusses safety of self-driving vehicles around workers

OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors CTO Ryan Gariepy had the opportunity to present “8 Steps to Safer Autonomous Vehicles” at ROSCon JP on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019. Ryan had a blast discussing Industry 4.0 in front of a large, excited audience. Discover more about Industry 4.0 in the webinar below: 

What you'll learn

Robots are now free to move around the world! They are moving around factories, airports, shopping malls, and our streets. This makes the topic of robot vehicle safety more important than ever. Unfortunately, consultants are not very familiar with these challenges, and regulations have not yet caught up. This talk will give the audience a summary of 8 basic areas which they should familiarize themselves with before they start building autonomous robots for the world.

Watch the full presentation here:

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