Watch OTTO 1500 and the FL6200SW from Columbia Machine at PACK EXPO

(Kitchener, ON, Canada – Sept 26, 2017) - OTTO Motors is proud to be a part of the Columbia Machine demonstration at PACK EXPO 2017. The revolutionary self-driving technology of OTTO is a complement to the Columbia Machine’s fully integrated stretch wrapper. The OTTO 1500 and FL6200SW work together to provide a packaging operation solution for businesses looking to meet increasing market demands by leveraging innovative technologies.

The integrated stretch wrapper from Columbia Machine helps when load stability or space constraints are an issue. OTTO is able to extend this value by offering the flexibility of a human but the efficiency of a conveyor. Without having to bolt new equipment to the floor, OTTO is able to move materials between end points.

"With the unprecedented level of product varieties and package complexities coming through a line today, manufacturers need shop floor solutions that provide flexibility and reliability," said Adam Gryfe, Director of Strategic Initiatives, OTTO Motors.

Adam Gryfe and CEO Matt Rendall will be on hand at Pack Expo to answer questions about the potential in your facility for OTTO.

“We’re excited to be appearing with Columbia Machine at PACK EXPO this year,” said Matt Rendall, co-founder and CEO of OTTO Motors. “Our customers always ask us how OTTO will work with their existing systems or processes so when we get the opportunity to demonstrate the ease of that integration, on such a large scale and at such a big show, it’s important. Columbia Machine is a valuable partner of OTTO Motors and I’m happy we get to support them.”

Catch all the action at:
Booth: Columbia Machine, #C-2836
When: September 25-27, 2017
Where: PACK EXPO 2017, Las Vegas


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Rebecca Mayville
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