Industrial robots for lights-out manufacturing

OTTO Motors

Incremental improvements year over year are not going to keep your facility competitive. In a market that is changing rapidly, manufacturers must make operations more productive through lean manufacturing. But how do you improve an environment that is already operating lean? HIROTEC AMERICA asked the same question.

After two decades of working toward their vision of lights-out manufacturing, the automotive parts manufacturer jumped at the opportunity to use industrial robots enabled by Industry 4.0. The journey to achieve lights-out manufacturing is a long road ahead, and HIROTEC AMERICA has made significant leaps by embracing mobile industrial robots and robotic manipulation into their process.

In summary, here's what you'll learn:

  • Gain an understanding of Industry 4.0 and how new technologies are enabling lights-out manufacturing initiatives
  • Discover how flexible automation and mobile manipulation are used to improve productivity in an international company with $6 billion in worldwide sales
  • Learn why HIROTEC chose the OTTO autonomous mobile robot as their industrial robot of choice, and how they implemented it

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