Transforming manual workflows with autonomous forklifts

OTTO Motors

Thursday, July 18th | 1:00pm EDT

Manual material handling is one of the most dangerous parts of a manufacturing facility. For a given manual forklift, there is a 90% chance of a serious accident occurring during its 8-year average lifespan, accounting for 10% of all physical injuries in a workspace. Thus, manufacturers are increasingly looking for an autonomous forklift solution that is safe, reliable and efficient to automate their material handling workflows.

Join Tom O’Neill, Senior Hardware Product Manager, and Jacob Dill, Senior Account Executive, in this webinar to discover how manufacturers are using autonomous forklifts to transform their material handling with OTTO Lifter.

What you’ll learn

  • How leading manufacturers have deployed autonomous forklifts in their facilities
  • What to consider when evaluating autonomous forklifts
  • Which features of autonomous forklifts enable seamless integration and operations

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