Business Resiliency: How We’re Enabling Our Customers and Partners Remotely

COVID-19 has impacted us all as we manage through our new normal. Now more than ever, we’re committed to helping manufacturers realize the immediate benefits of AMRs by adapting our services for remote delivery. 

By commissioning all the necessary workflows and services remotely, manufacturers can continue to keep their supply chain moving by deploying, upgrading, and maintaining their fleet of robots remotely and risk-free with OTTO Motors. We’ve innovated and expanded our training programs to be part of our customers’ solution in maintaining business continuity.

Virtual Service and Maintenance Training Program

We recently debuted our Virtual Service and Maintenance Training Program with course attendees spread across two countries, and four States. Using multiple virtual tools, we taught attendees how to maintain and service OTTOs. For our customers, being able to repair OTTOs as needed is crucial to uptime, especially when OTTOs are conducting mission-critical workflows.

Our virtual toolkit for this training included web conferencing and training sessions using the OTTO Motors Knowledge Base. We also included augmented reality exercises to allow “first-hand” training of how procedures are completed by our experienced Field Technicians and Engineers. Cameras are pointed at the robot in our remote sessions, which enables attendees to learn how to do the repairs independently in the future. The goal is to familiarize the attendees with the physical aspect of the repair instead of just reading through a document so they can see, more spatially, how things fit together and how the process is executed in-person. 

Image 1: An OTTO Motors Field Technician servicing an OTTO 100 for the Maintenance Training Program attendees via Zoom

Image 2: The OTTO Motors Field Technician wears a camera for attendees to see a bird’s-eye view

Post-Training Experience

Upon completion of the course, the enrolled were empowered to keep their OTTO fleets running at maximum productivity. Since the training, we have maintained communication with the attendees, who are already using their training to help troubleshoot and complete service, maintenance, and repair procedures at their facility. These benefits came without the burden, risks, or costs associated with travel during this trying time.

Here’s how we’re continuing to support our trainees. All enrolled attendees maintain access to the OTTO Motors Knowledge Base and Learning Portal. These online resources are continually updated and expanded to provide industry-leading training and support resources for our customers. Attendees also maintain access to our skilled OTTO Motors Client Success team, who are available at all hours to initiate remote support sessions when required. We provide enhanced support when the situation warrants through telepresence remote-support sessions to quickly resolve any obstacles faced by our customers.

We're In This Together

Our relationship with customers and partners extends beyond the sale of AMRs. We will continue to offer, innovate, and expand our Virtual Service and Maintenance Training. This Program, along with all our services, is strategically designed to fulfill our commitment of enabling customers to operate and maintain cutting edge AMRs in critical industries. When and where travel allows, we will continue to offer in-person training at our Kitchener, Ontario location, or our customers’ facilities* for added convenience. 

If you would like to learn more about scheduling Virtual Service Training and how it can benefit your organization, please contact 1-844-733-6886.

*certain requirements must be met to host onsite training, contact OTTO Motors for more details. 

Your Remote Journey Towards Autonomous Material Handling

The tools and expertise to guide you through a remote AMR transformation.

Your Remote Journey Towards Autonomous Material Handling

The tools and expertise to guide you through a remote AMR transformation.

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