OTTO® Fleet Manager ensures that OTTO is there when you need it.

Whether hosted on-site or in the cloud, OTTO Fleet Manager keeps your material moving.

Manage material flow with OTTO Fleet Manager.

OTTO Fleet Manager connects OTTO SDVs to your production processes, resulting in increased efficiency and control.


Set up OTTO to work in your facility


Connect existing systems to Fleet Manager APIs


Understand and optimize multi-robot systems


Request OTTO to move material


Tell OTTO where and when to move material

The world’s most powerful SDV fleet management system.

As your fleet’s central dispatch and command centre, OTTO Fleet Manager worries about material flow so you don’t have to.

Specification Otto Fleet Manager
Maximum fleet size 50 SDVs
Scheduling capacity 10k tasks/hour
Maximum facility size 100 000 m2
Serviceable waypoints 625
Full fleet GUI clients 60+