OTTO® is more than a self-driving vehicle. We designed our vehicles, chargers, software and services to work together as an integrated inventory movement platform. The OTTO Platform is unique in the market and every customer is a long-term partner on our journey toward lights-out operations.

Why choose OTTO?

OTTO represents the next generation of material handling vehicles. Much like the invention of the forklift in 1906, OTTO is redefining how inventory moves in 2019 and will quickly become the standard.


OTTO uses onboard sensors and software to understand its environment and adapt to changes in real-time, swiftly moving around obstacles and rerouting based on traffic.


OTTO is a truly collaborative addition to your team. Gone are the days of fencing off your automation to protect your workforce. OTTO is safety-rated for live operation in human-dense areas.


OTTO is always on, always collecting data and always communicating with a centralized control system - receiving orders, reporting on status and notifying operators of issues in real-time.


OTTO deploys effortlessly within days, not months, delivering almost instant value. Our intuitive software then empowers your team to make changes anytime with just a few clicks.

What’s Included

The OTTO Inventory Movement Platform comes with everything you need to redefine how inventory is transported inside your facility.

OTTO is a self-driving vehicle designed from scratch to move inventory. OTTO uses sensors and advanced software to detect obstacles, like workers or forklifts, then drives around them.

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OTTO uses state-of-the art lithium battery packs to deliver industry-leading performance. An opportunity charge methodology ensures OTTO delivers maximum utilization.

OTTO is compatible with a family of standard attachments. Attachments allow OTTO to quickly interface with conveyors, racks, carts, etc. to facilitate picking up and dropping off inventory.

An optional tablet interface that allows workers to easily request deliveries by OTTO. A workstation editor gives you complete control to set up the workflows you need.

OTTO Fleet Manager is a centralized control system to manage and optimize the day-to-day operation of your fleet and provide you with real-time monitoring, remote back-ups, and cloud access. The OTTO Fleet Manager is simple to install into your existing environment so you can focus on material handling, not IT.

The fourth industrial revolution comes in two sizes.

Industry 4.0 is transforming processes and automation with sensors, connectivity, and big data. OTTO is a proven technology today that will pave the way to the factory of future.